Thundercat News-

ThunderCat News- Week of 11/13

Fro Show

Congrats to the 16u for a great showing at the recruiting tournament.


Updates on the remainder of the year will be available this weekend.


To avoid confusion on practice attire, here is some help:

*Extra Hitting Days- Any TCat top (except navy & gray practice shirts)

*Wednesday AIBC- Tucson Champs Shirt (will be given out this week)

*Thursday Practice Day- Alternate (navy & gray practice shirts) 



Tuesday 10u practice @ TEP 4:00pm -Extra Hitting Session 12u-18u 6:00pm @ TEP

Wednesday 10u-18u Academy @ TEP 4pm & 7pm

Thursday 12u/14u- 5:00 @ Empire 16u/18u- 6:30 @ Empire (navy shirt)

Sunday 16u/18u in California 12/14 TBA